DASH-Haska Rayuwata

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Ka haska rayuwata is Hausa for you shone your light on me. It’s a song that kept growing inside of me and I’ve decided to share. Many people can identify the transformation that God brought about in their lives and can trace the process to that very day they invited God into their lives. But the process began before that day. ‘while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us’. We basically saw the light and we responded to it. He needed no invitation to shine His light on us.



So it seems I’m top of the food chain

From this view I can see where I was; I don’t brag

But if you are in my shoes what would you say

When the evil that was feasting on you is now underneath you

So every day now is a good day to rejoice and savour His goodness

And because I walk on a new way

Doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten all the stress and the pain in my dark years

I was bound by my fears

Didn’t know what to do

Darkness covered my face

I could not see you

As you reach out to my soul

And you restored all my hope

You loved me, you raised me, you found me

Ka zaga cikin duhu (you went into the darkness)

Ka haska rayuwata (and shone upon my life)

All my life, I’ve fought for affection

With every part of me

I’ve explored every road, every option

Its only now I’ve come to see

That your love has no limitation

That you give wholeheartedly

That you needed no invitation

To shine your light on me

God knows every  time we hurt

God knows every time we fail

When our knees go on the floor

He hears every word we say

When life storms come raging hard

When no one is around to stay

Just a whisper from the heart and he is always there to save

God is not so far away

All may fail, He stays so close

We may not just be aware

His eyes are always on us

All that’s there is just to believe

With a mustard faith receive

While our eyes are filled with pain

His light came to set us free

Ka zaga cikin duhu (you went into the darkness)

Ka haska rayuwata (and shone upon my life)


Last modified: November 27, 2020

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