Tabat-All the way(Fibz Song)


Marriage is work. Being a husband is work. It is the noblest and most demanding work from God and man.
I wrote this song from my little knowledge of what is expected from a husband.
As ‘unrealistic’ and intimidating as it is, I have seen men who have done just that.
I believe I will do a these cos God is with us ALL THE WAY.
It’s my vow. It should be yours too.


Look into my eyes and smile
For I’m here with you
When you’re glad or you’re sad
(Know that) I’m always around
Look at the future and don’t be afraid
I can say all these
Cos God is with us All the Way

  1. As your man, I will love, unconditionally
    I will give, I wont cease, all that I have is yours
    I will guide, I will lead, (lead you) patiently
    I can say all these, that’s what I’m meant to do
  2. I’m your man, and your friend, you can’t be lonely
    I’m with you, no! I am you, my love we are one
    I’ll protect, I’m your hedge, with me you’ll be safe
    Be your joy and peace so babe…
    I’ve left all women for you
    My eyes are set on just you
    For you there’s nothing I won’t do
    Babe my love for you is true.
  3. I am human, I will fail but it wont stop me from trying
    You deserve all of these, God has put them in me
    Please forgive me when I’m wrong, I wont always be strong
    But will do all these cos LOVE NEVER FAILS!!!!
    Chorus til fade

Last modified: May 20, 2020

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