Stage Exclusive: Tabat-Y316[Prod by Mandul]

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John 3:16 is the 1st Bible verse I ever memorised as a child in Sunday school class. It was so popular that any child who doesn’t know the verse was seen as dull & knowing just that verse was just mainstream so we go to harder ones like the entire Psalm 23 et al. As ordinary as this verse might appear at times, it is the heart of Christianity because it gives the whole truth about the kind of God we serve, what He has done for us out of love & what He demands from us…..He only demands we  believe in Him after paying the price for us not to perish by GIVING us His ONLY BEGOTTEN son who died in our place for the punishment we deserve. He did this not 2 intimidate or show us ‘reps’ but because He loves us THAT MUCH. There is no other response to this message other than gratitude & ensuring that we have that eternal life.




This is the message of Y316 (Y stands for Yohanna, the Hausa translation of John). No matter who I grow up to be eventually, my prayer is never 2 outgrow this verse & song or get too familiar with it. It is not just my 1st official work, it is 1 of my very best work.
God willing tomorrow it will be made public, I keep praying for its blessing upon all that hear it. Please spread the word!!

Last modified: November 18, 2016

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