Expression: A FUTURE TOO LATE by Barr. Beji Ishaku




We grew up listening and singing along to a song, which was about the Nigerian youths, being

the future leaders of tomorrow. The song has been exhaustively sang like a church choir on a

Sunday morning. This choir is comprised of mainly past and present political leaders, elders and

elites. The song which has been sang for many years, has lost its meaning because, the choir

that kept singing to the youths, also failed to set the ball rolling. All they did was keep the

youths in hope, till the youths were no longer in the age bracket to be considered as youths.

The  Nigerian youth had all along, sat and watched in hope that the resounding message in the

song, will come to past, but it never did. This choir shamefully fed the youths lies all through the

years. They failed to march words with decisive action, and most importantly, they as leaders,

did not retire or relinquish their selfish ambitions, to make room for the more vibrant youth

they sang about.

This singing choir have always been more alive and loud at political rallies, with its promises of

youth involvement and participation in the affairs of government. But they are dead silent to

it’s actualisation when they finally get elected into office.They instead do otherwise, to hamper

the actualisation of their very own promise. They prefer sharing political offices and

appointments among themselves. Their  excuse will always be that much needed experience is

what’s important in running affairs of government, as it’s no child’s play. But how on earth is

one suppose to gain the needful experience, when he is not even given an opportunity in the

first place. Last year, people we voted for to represent us at the National Assembly(8th),

shameful screamed ‘nay’ against the N5000 (Five thousand naira) stipend, promised to

unemployed youths by the present administration at it’s political rally.

The Nigerian youth have continually been deceived to the extent where they’ve given up all

hope and fallen into evil vices. Such vices that the government is now spending much on, to

curtail. The government of the day is now forced to spend more on security, instead of

channelling the money into a better cause, like the eradication of poverty and creation of job

opportunities. So when the spate of armed robbery, kidnapping and civil unrest is on the

increase in the nation, are we not to blame the very government that has created this problem.

Since it’s as a result of their direct marginalisation of the Nigerian youth. The government have

inadvertently created more problems for themselves, by themselves.

Nigerian youths today, have now become more relaxed, because of government’s continuous

failings. The youths are now in the belief that the song that was sang since many years ago,

is(was) something of a fairytale, that will(has) hardly come to past. However,  Nigerian youths

need to be made aware that the opportunity to be leaders, won’t come knocking at their

doorstep. Therefore, they must stand up and demand for it. The Nigerian youths need to realize

that with each day that passes by, they are being left behind, by their counterparts,  in other

countries, who are already defining their future.

And as our universities keep pouring out graduates into the labour market, most of whom later

find it difficult to secure jobs and even when they do, it’s something far from their field of

specialisation. The adverse result is that, the country is continually deprived from tapping into

the intellectual capabilities of these young graduates, and such graduates are being left to

dangerously roam around with an idle mind, that has severely suffered from a resultant brain

drain. But to say the truth, the government can’t be bothered, as they even go as far as

recruiting political thugs from this same pool of idle youths.

Finally, we are aware of the fact that there is a new government in place, but after almost a

year in running, we are yet to see what the new government has planned for the Nigerian

youth(and it has nothing to do with the missing budget). PMB has appointed his ministers, and

most of whom have been slammed with more than one portfolio. The advantage of this, is to

cut cost of government spending on itself, but the disadvantage of this, is that, in the course of

a single person overseeing more than one ministry, there is a likelihood that another ministry

could be neglected.

The Minister for Youth and Sport, who we all know to be a very vocal person, hasn’t really said

anything new that Nigerians haven’t heard before. And since we are in the season of change,

we will now beg the honourable Minister to change the dress code, as it looks to be taking

more attention, from what he was really appointed to do. The Nigerian youths are hoping he is

not distracted from addressing the plight and welfare, of the Nigerian youth, as quickly as

Therefore, i strongly recommend that the Federal and State governments should focus on the

youths, in other to avoid the burden they will inadvertently create by their neglect.

Also, our legislators should also  have a forum where they sit and talk to youths of their

constituency, so as to properly grasp the yearning’s of the youths, and to give them a sense of

belonging to a society that has kept them out for so long. Laws should be passed to also

encourage youth involvement and participation in government. There should be no reason why

graduates, who are interested, and being between the ages of 25-34 should not be running for

political offices and getting appointed commissioners, adviser or even ministers, even though it

will require the rigid nature of altering our constitution. We should be ready to make it.

Adolf Hitler once said, “he alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”  I find more truth and

belief in his words, than his over ambitious military action.

All Hail the Youths!

Last modified: January 22, 2016

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